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CSS provides Conflict Solutions that adapt to many scenarios, which include actions that prevent and resolve conflict. In addition, CSS works with a team of professional mediators and facilitators in Rhode Island that contract with CSS to provide additional support and experience for our customer needs.

Each service is confidential and handled with a neutral professional. 


Conflict Prevention Services focus on supporting and facilitating communication between individuals and groups through training, program support and evaluation, group work, business, and non-profit system designs and personal and group conflict coaching.


Conflict Resolution Services focus on helping individuals, groups, teams, and businesses resolve conflict by supporting participant's ability to decide their best outcomes. The use of mediation, facilitation, and conflict coaching can prevent conflict from escalating through formal dispute and court systems.


CSS wants to help people prevent, reduce and resolve conflict in their lives by providing education and coaching. 
CSS also wants to help those experiencing conflict access conflict services to create better outcomes and solutions that decrease court use and save money. 

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