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Conflict Coaching

A trained conflict coach can assist you in many types of conflict: employment, youth & teen, family, management, special education, and life. 


Reasons to Hire a Conflict Coach

A conflict coach can help an individual or team

  • Prepare for a difficult conversation or situation

  • Understand conflict style and behavior 

  • Recognize the impact of conflict behavior and reactions

  • Build and expanded perspectives and problem-solving skills

  • Assist in the option and action process

  • Create a plan of action to deal with a current conflict

  • Prepare to act on a conflict through rehearsal and training


Benefits of Conflict Coaching

  • Obtain an understanding of conflict causes to avoid future issues

  • Gain knowledge and skills to manage and prevent conflict

  • Heal and repair relationships

  • Build stronger relationships

  • Create better outcomes and communication

  • Decrease the risk of escalated conflict and costly litigation

  • Improve reputations

  • Increase creativity and productivity


In addition, utilizing conflict coaching before mediation or a negotiation creates better solution outcomes and conflict resolution processes.

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