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Conflict Coaching Q&A

Common Questions

How much
are conflict coaching services?

This depends on the specific situation, time requested, and service needed.  In addition, Pro Bono and discounted services based on income qualifications are available.

Depending on the specific type of coaching, pricing can range from $50 to $200 an hour.

How are conflicts classified?

Every conflict situation is different and can have various levels of complexity. Situational conflict coaching helps the coachee approach a specific (one-time) conflict situation in the best possible way. Relationship coaching focuses on relationships and often several problem situations. Both Situational and relationship conflict can be simple or complex.

A simple conflict usually refers to a specific problem with a particular person. On the other hand, a complicated conflict can be a long-standing issue with one or more people, or the client needs more conflict skills, awareness, and knowledge.

What is Special Education Conflict Coaching?

Special Education Conflict Coaching (SECC) is a specific kind of coaching that enables a parent, teacher, and school personal to prepare for special education meetings (IEP & 504).  SECC provides practical tips and education on how to efficiently and effectively prevent or de-escalate the conflict. In addition, it provides skills and valuable knowledge on productive communication and actions that create stronger special education teams and improve the chances of a student's success.

A coaching session can be a quick prep before a meeting, address a specific ongoing conflict, or provide assistance to be productive in any special education meeting and process.

An SECC is not a lawyer and does not provide legal advice. However, if needed, a coach can help with special education terminology and general understanding and provide education on special education formal conflict systems.

Would I benefit from conflict coaching?

Everyone can benefit from conflict coaching.; the real question is if you are ready. If you can answer yes to the following two questions, then conflict coaching is for you!

·       Are you ready to explore your role, responsibility, and contributions in a conflict?

·      Can you engage in perspective-taking?

Self-reflection on your role in a conflict does not always equal fault. Still, the ability to take ownership of personal contributions means you are ready to explore and take action on how to resolve or prevent further conflict. In addition, taking the time to understand possible actions and reasoning of the other party, to see their perspective, can help you clarify why a conflict can or is occurring.

Is a Conflict Coach a therapist?


A coach helps an individual by providing one-to-one training and education sessions that assist them in understanding the basics of a conflict. Coaching helps the client by reviewing causes of conflict, engaging in perspective-taking of those involved, and tools and methods to resolve, reduce and prevent conflict. A conflict coach does not explore or diagnose psychological issues and provide treatment. Instead, a coach can help a coachee analyze how deeper personal issues and conflict styles impact situations and relationships. A coach can assist a person by providing an opportunity to vent while keeping the client on track with their specific situation. A coach also provides reflection opportunities to gain practical and constructive insight to navigate the conflict.

Conflict coaches believe that every challenge and problem is an opportunity to learn, gain understanding, and change.

How much time does conflict coaching take?

That depends on the need of the client. Simple conflict issues take 1 to 4 hours, while relationships and complicated conflict situations require additional time. Personal & work conflict coaching, changing an approach to life can take the longest.

How are services provided?

After a brief needs assessment, a client can choose from a variety of service packages that may also be adapted to suit the client's needs. For example, clients can select the amount of time they want coaching, the amount of time they want to engage in sessions, like the number of hours of coaching in a day. 


A need assessment is 20 minutes or less at no charge.

Coaching can be provided online or in-person.

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