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Facilitation is a method that uses specific techniques that makes processes easier by assisting groups and teams to stay on track with their goals and purpose.

Business Meeting

How a facilitator can help your meeting or project

  • Keeping a meeting on track with a neutral party that builds on team trust and engagement

  • Ensuring effective use of time and productive, focused outcomes

  • Providing guidance when topics become challenging or problems occur

  • Reducing or preventing functional obstacles from transpiring

  • Improving the creative process 

  • Creating a safe space to build camaraderie

  • Providing a neutral third party to provide direction for sensitive issues to be discussed

  • Ensuring that all meeting participants have equal opportunity to speak and share opinions


CSS facilitation area of specialty

  • Youth Groups

  • Special Education & Disability

  • Team Projects

  • Boards and Subcommittees

  • Legislation

  • Negotiations

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