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Family Special Education Coaching

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to make your IEP or 504 team productive!

It is common for conflict between families and teams to occur from simple miscommunication, misunderstanding of responsibilities and roles, and different conflict behaviors. Simple misunderstandings can create escalated conflict that hurts the special education process and negatively impacts a child's education. In many instances, a review of what has created a conflict situation, an understanding of conflict style, and education on communication methods that prevent and de-escalate conflict can put a special education team and process back on a productive track. Parents and guardians are essential members of a child's team, and with coaching, they can help their child receive the best possible education.

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How SECC Can Help A Family

  • Provide insight into the IEP or 504 process, procedures, and rights.

  • Provide a safe environment to express frustrations and heightened emotions.

  • Provide a neutral perspective that assists families with conflict and process reality checking.

  • Educate expectations of the family's role in the IEP team and how their actions affect team success.

  • Understand and evaluate personal conflict style, actions, and reactions can positively and negatively impact the special education process.

  • Analyze and problem solves a current conflict and what actions could positively impact the situation.

  • Assist in preparing for IEP & 504 meetings, including rehearsal, outlines, creating goals and objectives, and productive actions.

  • Advise family on healthy and productive in-person or technology communication and interactions with school departments and professionals.


Focus on the process!

Rights & Responsibilities

Focuses on the IEP & 504 processes from a supportive legal standpoint to help students obtain the best education.


Focus on the people!

Focuses on the IEP & 504 process that builds and maintains a solid and healthy team to help students achieve the best education in the long term. 

Something to Consider

An advocate is a powerful ally that helps families in an IEP & 504 dispute by offering specific services that include advice, assessment, interpretation, and more. Advocates typically spend time with families reviewing their case and rights and assisting them during process and dispute meetings by speaking on behalf of students and families. 

A coach focuses on a specific conflict or potential conflict by providing tools, education, and assistance to help families advocate for themselves in a productive manner. These skills can also be used in other life scenarios. 

The use of an  SECC and advocate can be a powerful combination in assisting families in the special education process. 

Click here to see a table that gives specific differences between these two roles.

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