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Special Education 
Conflict Coaching

Prevent wasted time on a conflict! 
Focus saved time on the student with a disability!
This service is great for families & educators!

What is Special Education Conflict Coaching?

Special education conflict coach (SECC) is an experienced professional who assists families, schools, and school personnel in preventing or de-escalating conflict in the IEP and 504 processes. The Special Education Coaching process focuses on building and maintaining solid teams that focus on a child's best educational interests while acknowledging and enhancing the human component of a special education team. While team members may share a common goal, they come with different personalities, conflict styles, backgrounds, and cultures that impact how they interact and achieve it. Coaching can assist individual team members in attaining the best possible student outcomes by educating, helping, and providing tools to understand how a conflict occurs, react productively to the conflict, and prevent future conflict. Escalated issues and formal and informal disputes take precious time from focusing on a student with disabilities education. 



Power Hour

Virtual ($50) In-Person ($70)

Quick and practical coaching that prepares a client before a meeting or action that assists them in de-escalating a current conflict or preventing an escalation of a potential conflict.

Preventing Conflict Escalation

Helps clients who have an upcoming special education meeting or actions. This coaching teaches practical skills for effective and peaceful communication and advocating.

Specific Meeting or Action (For those knowledgeable of the special education system and have a meeting to prepare for and anticipate conflict)

Virtual ($175) In-Person ($275)

Situation Overview (1 Hour)

Knowledge & Skill Building (1 Hour)

Practice & Plan (1 Hour)

Follow Up (20 Mins)

There is a Problem

Helps clients experiencing an existing conflict. Provides education and practical skills to understand the conflict, communicate and advocate effectively, and what actions they can take to prevent escalation and manage it.

Simple Conflict (For those experiencing a current conflict and want to resolve it before it escalates.)

Virtual ($225) In-Person ($325)

Situation Overview (1 Hour)

Conflict Analysis & Self-Awareness (1 Hour)

Reality Checking (30 Mins)

Skills & Knowledge (1 Hour)

Build An Action Plan (1 Hour)


Complicated (For those experiencing an escalated or deep conflict.)

Virtual ($400) In-Person ($500)

Situation Overview (1 Hour)

Conflict Analysis (1 Hour)

Conflict Style Assessment (Self & Others) (1 Hour)

Reality Checking (30 Mins)

Effective Communication (30 Mins)

Skills & Knowledge (1 Hour)

Practice & Plan (1 Hour)

Follow Up (20 Mins)


Special Education Process

Virtual ($500) In-Person ($500)

For those who want the skills and knowledge to prepare for all special education meetings and processes and have the desire to be a strong team member and reduce potential conflict.

Your Role in the Special Education Process (1 Hour)

Self-Assessment (1 Hour)

Special Education Conflict Dynamics (1.5 Hours)

Effective Communication (1 Hour)

Knowledge & Skills (2 Hours)

Practice (1 Hours)


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